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5 Quick Tips For Marketing Yourself As A Freelance Copywriter

Learn quick ways to market your skills. If you are an exceptionally busy freelance copywriter and do not have time to market your services, following practices can be highly helpful-

Work on your online tools

Get an attractive writer’s website for yourself. This is one of the remarkable ways to present your skills on a professional scale. Find commonly used keywords for the type of writing you are adept in. State your Geographical location too. Keep updating your presence on Google so that you face right prospects from time to time. Tweak yourself for 10 minutes on daily basis. Pitch actively and sell yours skills incessantly. Keep this as your first priority and no one can stop you from staying upfront.


Tap your network and use them fruitfully. If you have good number of connections on Social Media Networking websites but you are not using it, it’s not worth. Let others know that you want to connect with and new freelance clients. Put it in words and sell your skills. Ask for referrals if possible. Promote your skills by getting recommendations. Mass mail your contacts but with caution, otherwise it will invite many spams wasting your time.

Meet face to face

This is highly admired way of building strong relationships. This will not only generate fresh leads for new gigs but will expand your horizon too. Remember not all networking events are authentic but many of them are a big waste of time too. Keep moving around in various groups till the time you find a promising one that fits your criteria and makes you generate promising leads. Ensure you follow up later from time to time after your first meeting.

Job Alerts

Target the posts where employers have made their postings. Basically, you need to target the niche job boards. Such places offer you brilliant pay rates. For this, set up alerts and save searches in your keywords and get an opportunity to watch websites with relevant openings for the type of writing you are interested in. Spend 5 minutes daily and see the wonders happening.

Make phone calls or Skype Calling

Ask people to have a phone conversation or Skype calling to know more about each other. You can also talk with each other on Google hangout. Once in a week of conversation with probable future partners or the project collaborators is a good way to form strong and long term connections. Though it is cold calling but brings miracle changes in marketing you as a freelance copywriter.