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Looking For Freelance Academic Writing Jobs: Recommendations For Starters

Getting started in the freelance industry can be difficult for new writers. Before an academic writer can get a job, they must develop a portfolio that demonstrates the quality of their work. They must send out proposal letters to potential clients and respond in a timely manner. Fortunately, there are a number of ways for newbies to get their start.

The Benefits of Freelance Writing

The old image of the starving artist is far from the truth in today's world. New writers can find jobs online that they can do from any location around the world. As long as the writer has an Internet connection, they can find and turn in work. Writers get to enjoy an exceptional amount of freedom in choosing their jobs. If a particular client is difficult to work with, the writer can move on to new clients and websites. As a writer, the individual gets to set their own hours, choose their income and be their own boss.

Getting the First Job

Out of every job the freelancer has, the first one is always the hardest. Without an extensive work history or a portfolio, the writer has a hard time proving their value to a potential client. To get the first job, writers must build a portfolio. They should find relevant examples of academic writing or create new ones. To get a work history in the field, writers can always start out by doing internships. Since internships are generally unpaid, they require a shorter work history than a normal writing job. In addition to internships, writers can submit free blog articles to different websites.

Writing Essays

When it comes to academic writing, one of the most lucrative fields is essay writing. Students always need term papers to be completed and will pay top dollar for a writer's help. Depending on the project, the writer may have to help the student with researching, editing or writing the document. Since writing an essay is technically plagiarism, some writers do not want to work in this part of the industry. It is up to each individual writer to decide their personal comfort zone for essay writing.

Other than writing essays, the writer can also work in other types of academic writing. Many businesses want professional writers to create white papers and industry documents. These projects pay well, but they generally require an extensive work history. If newbies can find a white paper writing project, they are well on their way toward developing a lucrative income stream.