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Where To Find The Best Freelance Technical Writing Jobs

With all the advances in technology, freelance technical writing can be a great way to make money, especially if you enjoy writing. However, it’s a bit of a specialist job, so it may be a bit tough to get started. Here is some helpful advice about where to find excellent freelance technical writing jobs.

Ensure you know enough about the field

As already mentioned, freelance technical writing is a bit of a specialised job, so you’ll need some specialised knowledge to make a success of it. For this reason, it’s worth making sure you know enough about the field before you start looking for work. Do some research about it online, and touch up your knowledge if needs be. If you already have a good knowledge base, maybe do some reading just to refresh your memory.

Market yourself appropriately

Once you’re sure your knowledge of technical writing is up to scratch, you should spend some time learning to market yourself properly. You can do this by creating a template profile for yourself, which covers your background, experience and expertise. It’s important that your template profile is professional and honest, as you’ll use it to create profiles on all the websites you join—and perhaps even on your own site later on.

Search the Internet for jobs

When you’ve got an excellent template profile, you can start searching for freelance jobs online. You can find some decent freelance websites by doing some research on the Internet. It’s very important to make sure that the websites you use are reputable, as you don’t want to be scammed by unscrupulous clients.

A good way to check a website’s reputation is to ask others in the field, so connect with them online and ask about their experiences with different websites. When you’ve found a few sites that look promising, join them. Now you can put your template profile to good use, and don’t forget to tag yourself as a technical writer.

Create your own website

Another excellent way to find freelance technical writing jobs is to create a website for yourself. Here you can use all the information from your template profile to make a great website that advertises your services. Again, make sure it’s professional, honest and informative, as you really need to sell yourself very well. If you have trouble building a good website, consider hiring a web developer to help you. This way your site will be professional and attract lots of great work for you.