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How To Get A Job As A Copywriter – 8 Expert Suggestions

Copywriting is an essential part of persuasive online marketing. In the field of marketing and advertisement, copywriters are in great demand for their work. Following are a few effective guidelines for a copywriter which will help him to get a job:

  1. Make a creative resume- When you are applying for the job you have to ensure that the first impression is a lasting one. The resume, while professional, should be attention grabbing and should showcase one's personality.
  2. Know the company- Study the clients and the creatives that have gone out in the last two years. It is also essential to know if any awards have been won.
  3. Portfolio- The most important thing as a copywriter- something that carries more weightage than one's degree and education is the portfolio which is a presentation of all your best work. Make sure the portfolio is neatly catalogued, organized chronologically while also being colorful and full of surprises for the first time viewer.
  4. Read a lot- While this may not be a direct way to bag a job, being a vivid reader is a must. A reader gains good command over the language, an extensive vocabulary and the ability to view a matter from different angle.
  5. Where to apply- As an aspiring copywriter, the best place to start work is digital or direct marketing agencies where there is an immense amount of copy work to be done.
  6. Understand your TG- It is important to be able to fit into other people's shoes and understand how their mind works because basically it is the job of a copywriter to bribe people into buying things. For this it is essential that you understand what they can be bribed with.
  7. Embrace impossible deadlines- One very important expectation of a copywriter is the ability to complete enormous numbers of briefs in a very tiny amount of client. Like the saying goes, "the client wanted that yesterday". There will be enormous pressure so learn to prioritize.
  8. Surprise the interviewer- Be honest in your approach. Do not lie about your experience or capabilities during the interview. Instead, give a truthful account of what all you have learnt and what all is left. Also, don't be afraid to express your individuality, it will be much appreciated. Agencies do not need just another good writer- they need a new point of view on the team.