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5 Simple Tips On How To Get Your First Freelance Writing Job

If you want to become a freelance writer, you need to pay attention to these 5 simple and highly useful tips that will help you find your place in the area of freelance writing and get your first job.

  1. Determine what you want to do.

  2. There are several types of freelance writing that you can undertake. Rewriting is taking already existing texts and retelling them in your own words. Retold texts have to be unique, completely plagiarism-free. Copywriting is composing unique texts from scratch, collecting and analyzing information from relevant articles. Quite often, the texts that are composed by copywriters are used in advertisement and promotion of certain goods, services, etc. The term “webwriting” appeared not long ago to designate unique texts like the ones copywriters compose but for any advertising purpose. Finally, you can do SEO writing, which means composing texts that are later used for website content. They contain keywords and other details that are particular to this type of texts.

  3. Compose several articles for a portfolio.

  4. As you need to impress customers with your abilities and outrun your competitors, you require something that will show your skills and style. Choose an area that is close to your profession, hobbies, interests (an area that you know) and compose several informative articles.

  5. Find online marketplaces and get registered.

  6. There are special marketplaces where you can offer your skills, while customers post their orders. When you get registered, post your portfolio there. Customers will be able to see your works before they agree or disagree to give you their orders. A high-quality portfolio will help you build a positive reputation.

  7. Start with simple orders.

  8. Since you are a beginner, it’s very unlikely that you will receive big complicated orders at once. When choosing orders, choose simple ones, in spite of the low prices. You need to find out requirements for texts before you move on to something more complicated.

  9. Offer some marketing.

  10. If you want to attract customers, offer writing free sample articles that are relevant to their orders. These samples are useful for customers, who can evaluate your skills in action, and assess you as a devoted writer. After all, if your article is good, the customer can pay for it and hire you to do further orders.

These are simple tips that will help you get your first writing job and eventually become a well-paid freelance writer.