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How To Become A Well-Paid Freelance Psychology Writer

Finding your first psychology writing job with a freelance website

If you are new to the field of freelance writing, then you may wish to look for psychology-based jobs on freelance websites. The good thing is that you already have a niche picked – psychology – as it can be good to develop your career as a specialist in a certain subject. However, one slight drawback is that the psychology niche isn’t necessarily the most in demand topic; therefore, it can require a bit of extra time and patience to find work.

One of the benefits of freelance websites is it you can search through any job listings, as well as potentially including details about yourself on your profile page that help you to be found by those who are looking for psychology writers.

Sourcing private clients

Another way of getting work is by sourcing private clients. There are generally two main routes you may wish to take when sourcing private clients; it may be that you wish to look for private companies that are related to psychology in some way or, alternatively, you may wish to look for magazines and publications that are based upon psychology, and see if you can write articles for them.

Using a portfolio to help you find work

Whether you wish to look for clients privately, or any of the freelance websites on the Internet, it is good idea to have a portfolio of your work to help demonstrate your expertise in the subject. Without any reputation at the beginning of your career then, without a portfolio, potential clients are simply relying on your word, which makes it harder to win jobs.

Even if you don’t have many samples, if there is anything that you have written on the field of psychology, or even any other topics, as long as you have got some good quality examples of your work to show potential clients, it can help to increase your chances of getting work.

Maintain professional standards to help enhance your reputation

In order to help build your reputation and enable you to charge higher rates for the work that you do, it is important that you maintain professional standards at all time. This includes meeting deadlines and being diligent with any communication.

Writing psychology-based eBooks

One final thought is the possibility of writing psychology-based eBooks. With many self-publishing platforms available on the Internet, it is relatively easy to get a book published which could make you money.