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Is It Possible To Find Well-Paid Freelance Medical Writing Jobs?

Breaking into a freelance medical writing career may not be just as easy as starting a career in web writing. This is because the market is much smaller compared to the web writing marketplace and there are very talented people earning handsome every month by doing the job of medical writing or even medical transcribing. How to get a nice head start? Here are things you should try if you are an aspiring medical writer.

Join a medical writers association

Joining a medical writing association may translate into paying a registration fee for you, but you know this small fee is going to pay off in a big way a few years down the line. Joining a medical association is an investment which you would be proud of making after only a few years. Why? This is because the medical writers associations organize various workshops for aspiring medical writers all throughout the year and joining these free workshops would benefit you in a big way. However, the biggest advantage of joining a workshop is that you will get to meet a number of prospective clients.

Choose your niche

You may wonder what kind of niches we are talking about, while medical writing is itself a niche. Well, medical writing is an umbrella term and it can be broadly categorized into three categories - promotional, regulatory and educational. For promotional writing, the purpose is very clear. You need to promote a specific drug or treatment method. Regulatory writing and educational writing are more difficult niches.

Know whom to target

As a wannabe medical writer, you need to know that pharmaceutical companies, medical education companies, contract research organizations and medical communication and advertising companies are the biggest buyers in this sector. Therefore, you need to make a sales pitch of your own and strategically target these companies in specific. Soon enough, you will be able to land your first freelance contract.

Use social media wisely

There are many aspiring writers who undervalue the power of social media as they think that spending time on these sites is worthless. Its time you should change your perceptions about social media sites as there are some sites that are specially designed for professionals. You can join these sites, engage in debates and discussions and get spotted by some really high-paying client eventually. You never know what kind of pleasant surprises might await you on these social media sites. Just do not forget to make your profile look professional.