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How To Find Well-Paid Telecommuting Jobs For Writers

Telecommuting jobs have become extremely popular today. Apart from the advantage of staying at home and not commuting to an office early in the morning, they provide decent pay. There are different opportunities for freelance writers ranging from journalism and bogging to editing and copywriting. Before you start looking for a remote job you need to do a lot of preparation work.

Create your portfolio.

If you have already had some experience of freelancing or even if not, you should immediately create your portfolio. Gather your works or write a few sample papers, so that you can offer them to your potential client. Make sure that you have sample articles on general topics as well as on some specific matters. Such a diverse collection of papers will definitely boost your chances to get a job. Also pick your best works that were published somewhere or professionally edited.

Set your rate.

If you are a novice at writing, it can be difficult to decide on the rate because you don’t have a definite idea about this sector. Check the websites where other writers describe their experience and determine their charges. Compare their background to your own and set your rate. Remember that you can reconsider the payment as soon as you feel you deserve better remuneration.

Start a blog.

As the freelance writing is a kind of virtual work, you should know how to use the Web to benefit from it. Firstly, you need to appear online. Create your professional blog or website where you’ll post your works and share links to your published articles. This will demonstrate your potential clients that you are able to showcase yourself and that you have good computer skills.

Specialize in something.

The writers who have an authority in a certain field are in greater demand among the clients. Moreover, they are well paid. So, specify your topics or types of writing and assure your client that you offer high-quality services.

Search for freelance opportunities.

Go to the websites which advertize remote jobs for writers. There are a great many of them nowadays. Be careful when you see the advertisement promising to pay you thousands of dollars and requiring no educational background; it might be a scam. Surf the Internet to find the feedback on a particular website or company to make sure you’re going to deal with a reliable employer. Also check those companies that offer full-time jobs with the opportunity of telecommuting. Negotiate working hours and payment during you interview.