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How To Become A Freelance Magazine Article Writer

If you have creativity, drive, and desire to become a freelance magazine article writer, you can become one. However, you will need to develop the right balance of skills, such as abilities to find unusual facts, understand the interests of the audience, and write within the deadlines. The following guidelines will help you start working for a magazine and become a successful freelance writer:

  1. Consider taking a short course to develop the necessary skills.
  2. You can easily find a list of typical skills that a successful freelance writer should develop. If you lack a natural talent, it makes sense to learn how to write creatively, what software can be useful for you, and how to collect information and interview people. There are plenty of both free and paid online courses, so you will be able to select something right for you.

  3. Learn more about the magazine-style writing.
  4. Most writers in the early stages of their careers should strictly follow the style of the magazine that they write for. There are different writing styles. You should learn the distinctive features of the most popular styles. It is a good idea to get the copies of the magazines and study them carefully in order to understand what style techniques are useful, how you can highlight the important details, and what vocabulary can be used.

  5. Analyze what topics are interesting to you.
  6. Usually, writers select several topics that they write about. You can become an expert in fashion, design, economics, sports, etc. It is recommended to pick something that you have some basic knowledge about and want to learn more. Writing about such a topic will help you deepen your knowledge and become a professional in the field. In other words, you should choose your specialization.

  7. Prepare sample articles for the magazine editors.
  8. In order to find a job, you will have to create a list of magazines that you want to work with, find the contacts of their editors, and prepare your portfolio. It will take some time for you to write several good articles, but it is worth your effort. This is the best way to show the editors what you are capable of. Make sure to edit and proofread the samples carefully and send them along with your professional CV.

Some freelance magazine article writers start working for free. They improve their skills, develop their professional network, and get published samples of their work. Later, they get paid order-based jobs and even full-time contracts.