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Freelance Copywriting Rates: How To Avoid Getting Underpaid

Beginning a career as a freelance writer requires an extremely specific skill set. Newbies in the industry have to treat their work like a business. They must track their financial records, market their skills and set their rates. To avoid being underpaid, writers should use these financial tips.

Check Out the Marketplace

If the writer is focusing on a specialty niche, they may be able to command a higher price than other copywriters can. The only way to know a fair rate is to look at other writers in the industry. Writers should look for individuals that have a similar educational history, work experience and specialty area. Using these individuals, the writer can figure out a fair rate for their own work.

Remember Deadlines and Requirements

Charging a per word rate is always a problem for writers. Even if the writer is knowledgeable about an industry, it may take them a long time to complete a set amount of words. The keyword requirements, research and number of revisions can all take the writer more time than they expected. Before bidding on a project, the writer should make sure that they know the exact amount of research expected. In addition, the writer should find out the amount of t9ime that they have to complete the assignment. If the project must be completed on a shorter deadline, than the writer should charge an added fee.

Ask Around

There is a difference between the rate a writer advertises and the rate that they actually charge. Writers will frequently offer lower prices to return clients or easy projects. In addition, some writers may end up charging clients fees for different types of projects. The only way to find out what the writer actually charges is to ask them. Individuals should ask fellow copywriters to discover what other people in the industry are willing to accept for payment.

Why Are Freelancers Underpaid?

Anyone who has worked in this industry has heard a number of answers to this question. Some clients feel like anyone can write, so a writing project should be done cheaply. Likewise, some clients misjudge how long a project actually takes. A quick look at any bidding website shows a number of projects that promise to be “easy work” for someone who knows what they are doing. If the project was that easy to complete, the client would do it on their own. In general, these clients do not realize that they are underpaying the writer. It is up to the writer to tell the client which rates are acceptable.