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How To Get Good Money Being A Freelancer Copywriter: Professional Advice

Being a freelance copywriter can be very difficult. There are many competent writers trying to make a career out of writing, and most of them are willing to work for very little compensation. Differentiating yourself from the bunch is the hardest part. To earn a living wage you need to be able to show clients that you provide a more valuable service than the standard copywriter. You need to have something unique.

Getting Started

Starting out as a freelance copywriter is the most difficult step. At this stage you simply have to accept that you will not be able to earn a living wage. Your primary focus should be on establishing a reputation for excellent writing and creating a strong portfolio which you can use when looking for your next job. Once you have demonstrated your abilities and shown how reliable you are, it will become much easier to ask for a more generous wage.

Set the Price

Once you have established yourself and have had a few weeks or months of consistent work you should begin to set your own price. Don't simply accept whatever job is offered to you, attach a value to your time and stick to it. This might lose you some jobs at the start, but it will pay off in the long run.

Be Proactive in Searching for New Clients

When you begin to receive long term contracts it will be tempting to rest on your laurels. However it is extremely important that you continue to search for newer, bigger, and better opportunities. Having more options will allow you to command a larger fee and provides a safety net in the event that you lose a contract.

To Recap

Be prepared to work for less than you are worth (or even for free) when you start out as a freelance copywriter. Once you have established yourself as an excellent writer you should begin to set the price for your work, rather than allowing your clients to dictate it.

Even when you have stable work, stay on the lookout for new jobs.

All of these tips will serve you well, but ultimately your success as a freelance copywriter will depend on your ability to write copy to an exceptional standard. Make yourself a valuable asset to your clients and you will be offered much better money. Always complete work on time, be polite and friendly with clients, and always mould your writing to what the client wants.