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How To Become A Freelancer Writer And Make Money Without Much Effort

While you need to make money in freelance writing, not every writer is able to make a decent sum by writing. In fact, there are many writers who have remained stuck in the same rate for many years. Though they would like to stop accepting lower paying gigs and make decent money doing what they love doing most, they are stuck in the same place.

This may sound familiar to you and you may be left wondering how to do away with those sites that pay peanuts for high quality writing and get the private clients who pay $50 or even $100 for the super quality stuff. Once you read this article, you will be able to move from the phase where you are stuck and start to earn what your writing is really worth. Here are ways that you can do this.

Start with the bidding sites

You can start your writing career at the freelancing sites such as Elance or Guru. However, if you are relying on these to nab the high paying clients, you will probably remain stuck forever. You might land a well-paying job, but in most cases, you will find you find yourself bidding against writers who are ready to work for pennies. Therefore, you need to take a decision to get out of the comfort zone you are currently in and approach other writing avenues like magazines and companies who know how to acknowledge and appreciate quality.

Treat yourself as an expert

Which are your favorite areas? What expertise do you have? What is the subject area you want to target? Take time to consider what you want to specialize in and start to market yourself in that specific niche. For instance, are you good in writing on the subject of personal development? You can easily become an expert in the niche and prosper writing on the subject. You can then target the self-help blogs as well as other publications.

Improve your writing skills

The fact of the matter is that clients will be ready to pay for good articles. If you don’t have good writing skills, it will be hard for you to attract high paying clients. Therefore, look for ways to improve your skills. You can do this by joining a writing course.

Give your website a face-lift

If freelance writing is your profession, you would need to showcase your potential. And the best way to do it is having a website that speaks highly of your potential and capacities.

Increase your hours and efforts

Consider the amount of time that you are putting in freelancing. This may be difficult to face but the reason that you may be stuck is that you may not be putting the required amount of time it may be necessary. Like it is the case with other businesses, writing will also require discipline, ethics and time.