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How To Find Well-Paid Jobs For Freelance Grant Writers: 7 Useful Tips

With advances in technology, especially on the Internet, there has never been so many opportunities for potential freelance writers to find work. If you are thinking of becoming a freelance writer that specialises in writing then you may be wondering where you can find well-paid jobs. The following outlines various ideas where you may wish to start looking for work, as well as how you can maximise the amount that you get paid.

  1. Grant writing jobs advertised in newspapers and other print media
  2. Jobs have traditionally been advertised in newspapers and other print media for many years. Despite the obvious advances in the digital industry, it is certainly still worth looking in various forms of printed media for any potential job opportunities. In fact, you may be more likely to find regular, full-time employment in this way, as opposed to some of the temporary or part-time positions that you may find advertised online.

  3. Companies that hire grant writers via online classified ads
  4. As well as looking at classified ads and job sections in newspapers and other printed media, you may wish to look for the equivalent sections online.

  5. Sourcing grant writing jobs on freelance websites
  6. Another great source of grant writing jobs online is to look on any of the major freelance websites. In fact, you don’t just need to limit yourself to some of the major websites, but may investigate the possibility of finding opportunities on any of the lesser freelance websites as well.

  7. Putting together a portfolio of your best samples
  8. In order to help you chances of being awarded any of the opportunities that you may discover, it is a good idea to put together a portfolio of your best work, particularly any grant writing samples.

  9. Identifying what the client needs and ensuring your address their requirements
  10. As a grant writer, it is particularly important that you identify the needs of any potential clients, so as to demonstrate your capabilities for the job, as well as showing how you will be able to help them. Many writers fail to acknowledge the requirements of clients, and simply list off any achievements and jobs they’ve done in the past; therefore, by addressing the needs of the client, they may be more willing to be award you the job.

  11. Developing an online presence
  12. It is good idea to start a blog and even a website so as to showcase your talents and help to attract potential clients.

  13. Being prompt and professional with your communication
  14. Finally, be prompt and professional when responding to any emails, phone calls or other forms of communication, as this can help to build your reputation, as well as increase your chances of winning future work from the clients that you work with.