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How To Start A Freelance Song Writing Career: Useful Advice

To write songs in general takes a lot of talent, but to make them known to the public requires managerial qualities. There are so many writers out there that believe that they can create amazing songs but most of them don’t ever reach to a real singer. A career in this niche can bring a lot of personal and financial satisfactions, but to get there it takes a lot of work and persistence. If you decided that you want to try your luck, you must be aware of some important things that can make you win or lose.

  • Write a few good songs. Assuming that you already have some pieces written by you, you have to bring them to the level where they are ready to be seen by a singer. Sure enough, there has to be an impeccable grammar and choice of words, otherwise no client will even consider them. Ask different opinions, feedback from your friends and family and keep correcting them until there is nothing more to change about the lyrics.
  • Be ready to be criticized. Very often, a customer will like the samples that you send and he will ask you to create a specific song for him. Well, he can either love it, but he can hate it. Music is something very personal and intimate, and it is impossible for everyone to like it, no matter how good you are in your work. Don’t consider this as offensive; it is just the way that things work in this niche.
  • Decide if you are willing to make compromises. Once a client will accept one of your songs, he will ask you to make some modifications or changes. In rare cases, he can even tell you to delete half of the song and to write it again. Is this ok with you? Do not be too attached by every piece that you write, because most of the time it will be changed a lot before it ends up on an artist’s desk. The idea and words are still yours, except that they have to be adapted to the style of the singer.
  • Don’t write for the sake of writing. If you like classic music and somebody is asking for a rock song, there is a big chance that you will not create an excellent piece. You have your own style, preferences, and this is what makes you unique.