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Getting A Profitable Freelance Articles Writing Job: Tips For Beginners

What is freelance articles writing? It’s selling the texts that you have written to people who are interested in them but in different ways. What does it mean? Let’s see.

How to Sell an Article

Experienced freelance writers advise registration at an online marketplace from the very beginning. You write your text, post them at the marketplace and have them sold. You are the one who determines the content and the time you need to handle a text.

  • You choose a subject. It’s impossible to be a specialist in everything, yet, you can find a couple of topics in which you are a professional. Writing about the things that you know well will positively influence the quality of your articles.
  • You choose a method. Some people start with rewriting (recomposing already existing articles to make them unique), others get down to writing unique ones from the start. The second option is more expensive than the first one. Everything depends on your skills and inspiration.
  • You optimize the text. Working with customers immediately, you will receive instructions on the keywords and other SEO details of the texts they need. If you choose to work individually, you can determine the most popular keywords from your sphere with the help of online services.
  • You choose how to work. You can either write when you like, post the articles, and wait till you are paid for them, or search for customers and their requests. In most cases, the more you write and post at the marketplace, the more attention you will attract.
  • You produce unique content. You can check the uniqueness of your text with the help of online tools that search for plagiarism in your text. In most cases, 98% unique texts are accepted but you’d better strive for 100%.

For Beginners

If you are a complete beginner and have a big fear of starting anyway, you need to turn to the experience of professionals, for example, click here. Professional custom writers are numerous on the Web, so you can see them working or even join such a team at any time you like. You should definitely take a look at them and consider the possibility of becoming a freelance article writer, working for a company that does academic or website writing.

In any case, whichever way to write and get paid you may choose, you will gain some precious experience that will help you move on and earn good money for doing the things that you like.