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Five Tips On How To Get A Greeting Cards Freelance Writing Job

If you want to become a freelance writer of greeting cards but don’t know where to begin and need some tips, then you’ve come to the right place!

The first tips you need to know are these: being a freelance writer has its ups and downs! You get to work from home and manage yourself, which could be beneficial to many, but you also can’t rely on regular work! If this job sounds like it might be for you, here are five great tips to get the writing job you want!

  1. Make sure your writing is up to scratch!
  2. Before you even begin to apply for jobs, you should hone your writing skills and get together a portfolio of examples. There’s no point in applying for a greeting cards writing job if you discover you’re terrible at writing greeting card messages! It’s a good idea to study other greeting cards and perhaps embark on a creative writing course.

  3. Research and apply.
  4. You should thoroughly research the different companies that hire freelance writers. Find a good list online and find plenty of helpful advice. Look through each company’s submission policy. If they have open submissions, then simply apply in the manner that you would for any other job- with a letter of enquiry and a sample of your work.

  5. Look for listed posts.
  6. Some companies may not accept open submissions, but they will advertise for posts. Look online on relevant business networking sites and forums, and be sure to keep up to date with advertisements in artist and writer magazines.

  7. Provide quality.
  8. Once you have one or two jobs under your belt, you can begin to climb the ladder. Any client will be impressed by experience and quality. The more you provide a quality service, the more likely it is that your client will hire you again and recommend you. As long as you can stick to deadlines and provide quality, there’s no reason why the work shouldn’t increase.

  9. Promote yourself.
  10. Promote yourself and do everything it takes to succeed! You shouldn’t just apply for posts, you should also make them come to you. Treat your freelance writing job as a proper business and promote yourself accordingly. Create a website and various professional profiles on business social network sites and the like. Display examples of your work and be clear in what you can provide. If you go about things with a professional and friendly manner, clients will be attracted to your services.