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Looking For Freelance Online Article Writers' Positions

If you have shopped around for freelance writers who can craft articles, then you have probably noticed that there are more freelancers available than there are articles that need writing. Despite the flood of freelance writers, many of them do not know how to craft quality pieces. When you are in search of the best freelancers and their positions, here are a few tips to help you find what you need:

  1. Look for sentence variety: The best writers use variety in their writing because they understand that sentence variety brings flow and fluency to their writing. They know how to use short choppy sentences for effects and they know how to extend a sentence so the reader knows what goes together. Weak writers will use only one type of sentence.
  2. Look for word choice: A top freelancer will use vivid verbs with a smart balance of linking verbs. The good writer knows that vivid verbs create more interest in an article than adjectives and adverbs do. Even in narrative or descriptive pieces, verbs top fluff any day!
  3. Check out reputation: When you are shopping for a good writer with strong positions, look at freelancer reputation panels. Some freelancing sites keep track of work completed and they allow clients to comment on the quality of the work they received. Keep in mind that freelancers might stumble occasionally on deadlines and those stumbles usually do not negatively affect the quality of their work. Feedback can be helpful, but it is not always accurate.
  4. Ask for samples: The best way to judge a writer is to ask to see samples, preferably samples that are similar to the writing you need completed. If your potential freelancer has never written a position paper, but you like the writer’s style, then you might have to coach the writer and explain exactly what you need. Most writers, especially good writers, are able to adjust formatting based on templates and client needs.
  5. Offer realistic compensation: While article writing may not be the most difficult style of writing a freelancer can complete, it does take time. If you want to best writers, you need to pay them a respectable amount. Some job openings pay so little that only the worst writers will ever apply. Investigate what other clients are offering their writers so you can see what jobs get the most applicants.