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Directions On Where To Find Legit Freelance Writing Jobs

Becoming a freelance writer can seem like an attractive alternative to sitting behind a desk all day every day. Being able to make your schedule and work as little or as much as you like certainly has its perks. However, sometimes just finding work can be tough, since there are so many fakers and scammers out there looking for people to do work who then never get the money promised to them in return. Below are some instructions on where to look to find proper, legitimate freelance writing job.

Freelance sites

There are plenty of sites online for writers looking to go freelance. Depending on what site you go to, there can be plenty of legit opportunities posted there for you to peruse freely. Unfortunately, you might still have to weed out the proper jobs from the scams. Remember to look for the following things when searching for work:

  1. Reviews. If other people have worked for this client, they will no doubt have left some sort of review - particularly if their experiences were largely negative. Make sure to check these reviews before you apply to anything!

  2. Online presence. If the company or client you are thinking of applying to has an online presence, they are more likely to need to maintain their position by offering legitimate work.


Sometimes, suitable freelance writing work is not posted on sites such as those described above. In order to find these opportunities, therefore, a quick Google search is a great way to find even more options to choose from. Beware, though: some of these can be scams. Remember to follow the same instructions as given above in order to avoid doing a lot of work for no payment.

Apply directly to companies

This is one of the only ways to guarantee not being scammed, and it is to apply directly to the sort of clients you want to work for. If you are the one asking for work rather than them searching for you, then if they offer you a job it is almost certainly legit. Remember, also, that a majority of jobs that are available are not advertised, so applying directly to the client can be the best way to find the best jobs. It also demonstrates a lot to your (hopefully future) client, showing your ambition and your drive. Although it is more time consuming than going to freelance sites, it is worth it!