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How To Find The Best Freelance Writing Jobs For Newspapers

Newspapers are always looking for freelance writers to put some compelling stories together. If this is a passion of yours, and if you aspire to be a newspaper writer, then take a look at some tips on how to land these types of jobs.

Write a few free articles

Imagine being able to tell your potential clients that you are a “published newspaper article writer” instead of just a “beginner”. Many writers had to start off by submitting free work in order to prove their skills and talent. This can be to a local paper or even a magazine that you enjoy.

If you've never written for a newspaper before, write a good article or two and submit it to a newspaper. If they publish it, you have already started the ball rolling in the right direction—and may have even landed yourself regular work. If the article is not published, ask for feedback and work on improving your writing for the next attempt.

Stay in tune with the news

Your proposals will have more weight behind them if you are familiar with contemporary news at all times. Make a habit of reading the latest news on a daily basis. Try to work some of your knowledge into your proposals so that your potential clients can see that you are an authority on news.

Submit clear proposals

When proposing for a job, make sure you make it clear what exactly your strengths are. Are you a sports writer, an expert on Middle East events, or simply an all-rounder? If you are specific about what you want to do, your will find the right clients that are compatible with your niche. Also remember to include links to your published articles. If they are not available online, take a photo of the article and the newspaper name and send these as neat photos to your client as proof that you have been published.

Ask the right questions

When proposing, always clarify any points that are not immediately clear to you. If you are taking on a newspaper writing contract, you must be clear on the following points:

  • Format: Some newspapers are very particular about how they want the content presented.
  • Style: Newspapers try to maintain a certain writing style in their articles (for example: fun, edgy, serious, etc.)
  • Deadline: Be clear about the deadline, as late submission is out.

Asking these questions will put your client’s mind at ease about your abilities and attention to detail.