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8 Brilliant Tips For Newbies In The Freelance Writing Industry

Newbies in the freelance writing industry will have a difficult time getting started. It can take months or years to develop an extensive list of clients. There are some techniques that writers can use to speed up this process. The following tips are designed to get newbies started in the writing industry.

Create a Portfolio

A writer is only as good as their work. To show their skill level, they should have a strong portfolio for clients to look through. If the writer does not have past projects to use, they should create sample articles that can be used as an example.

Build a Resume

Resumes are not just for corporate employees. A resume is actually one of the best ways for a writer to show a client their experience. Since the writer is supposed to be talented at writing, the resume must be free of any typos.

Network With Blogs

Blogs and websites always need content. Many of the smaller websites have a small budget, so they like to work with guest bloggers. Although the pay may be low, this option will help writers to increase their portfolio and job experience.

Take a Course

Everyone wants to be a writer, but only a few people have the required skills. Taking a writing course or studying journalism in college will help writers to prepare for the industry.

Design a Website

Many clients hire writers to produce content for their website. Instead of just writing for a client, the writer can create their own site. In addition to being a digital portfolio, a personal site can end up earning the writer money over time.

Treat It Like a Business

To stay on task, writers should treat their work like a normal business. They should track their hours, payments and invoices carefully. The only way to know an hourly rate is through carefully tracking hours and payments.

Prepare for Criticism

Editors and clients always have something to say about an article. While some of the feedback is extremely constructive, it can be offensive at times. Writers should develop a thick skin if they want to work within this industry.

Get Used to Failure

Even the best writers are turned down for projects. Out of every ten job proposals, the writer may only receive one or two projects. A lost project is not a sign of personal failure. The project may be mismatched with the writer's skills, or the client may have chosen a more experienced person.