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The Ultimate Guide to Freelance Sports Writing

If you have writing skills and are fond of sports, you may easily become a freelance sports writer. This job will allow you to earn money by doing things that you like, and without any need to leave your house. However, there are some rules you should know before starting your career. Read this article and learn how to become a successful freelance sports writer.

  1. Learn more about sports.
  2. To write good sports articles, you should know more than an average person about sports. Learn about the history of sports, read sports news and articles of other sports authors. This will help you create a good fundament for your future career.

  3. Improve your writing skills.
  4. Obviously, you have some writing skills if you are thinking of starting this career. However, to succeed you should learn the specifics of sports writing. You may visit certain writing courses or read detailed guidelines on the Internet. As a freelance writer you should also get familiar with search engine optimization. In this way you’ll know how to write decent web articles.

  5. Narrow your specialization.
  6. You may, of course, write about different sports topics, but it’s advisable to choose a particular niche to earn more money. Pick the sport in which you feel you are an expert and try to write articles related only to this sport. Respectable publishers will always prefer a professional writer who works in a particular sphere in comparison to a person who writes on different topics.

  7. Find a mentor.
  8. It’s advisable to find a more experienced freelance sports writer. Such a person may give your valuable advice related to your writing and point out your mistakes. With a mentor you’ll learn to write SEO-friendly articles of good quality in a much shorter period of time than on your own.

  9. Make a professional website.
  10. Making your own website is a wise choice. This is a convenient way to store and showcase your articles at the same time. Don’t forget to leave your contacts and a small biography on your site. State that you’re a sports writer, and don’t write random web content. In this case you’ll attract only reliable clients. Also, share articles from your site on your social networks accounts to increase the number of potential clients who may notice your works.

  11. Contact sports publishers.
  12. You should contact your potential clients too. Call or email publishers with which you’d like to work, offering them your services and demonstrating your previous work. If the publishers consider your articles appropriate for them, you’ll get well paid job offers.