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How To Earn More Money Being A Freelance Essay Writer

People in creative fields may get accustomed to thinking of themselves as not needing money as much as creative freedom. Only one of those things will pay your bills. If you intend to work as a freelance writer, you will soon find yourself frustrated and angry if the amount you earn doesn’t cover your expenses. Here are some methods you can use to become a higher earning freelancer:

Expand your portfolio

If you're already in the industry it can be taken for granted that you possess a certain selection of your own high quality work that you present to clients when you apply for any task. If you’ve managed to secure jobs without a portfolio, this is something you will need to remedy if you intend to progress to the next level. Start writing the types of pieces you want to get hired by clients to create and put them into your portfolio. Take note that a portfolio can also exist as a blog.

Approach clients directly

Many of the freelancing sites have jobs for writers that pay less than one quarter of one cent per word. This is a very low rate and if you write at a native level, you should never be earning this little even if your style needs work. Conversely, there are many article sites that you may even be accustomed to reading regularly that pay out close to the equivalent of $5 per word to their best writers. The difference between freelancers who work for a pittance and those that earn enough to support themselves and their families is often a matter of exposure to and understanding of the industry. Talent matters too, just not as much as you might think. Do some research and present your work to the better paying sites and see if they want to give you a try.

Keep ownership rights

Often, the clients who hire freelancers make their profits by buying the rights to the content that gets written. They are willing to pay a small amount for the right to earn from that content for all eternity. If you begin to ‘rent’ your content out rather than selling it, you can earn more than once for the same amount of work thereby creating a residual income.

This should point you in the right direction for success but only perseverance will take you there.