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An Effective Strategy to Find Good Freelance Websites for Writers

There are a number of different websites that offer freelance work for writers. Although writers may be able to make more money with a direct client, a website is a great way to gain a consistent source of income. In addition, many of these websites allow writers to take on as much or as little work as they want. For the writer, this means that the website can be a backup source of income when business is slow.

Start With Content Mills

Content mills only pay around a penny per word, but they have unending amounts of work available. Writers should not make this their only source of income, but it is a great way to find supplemental earnings. With a content mill, the writer can easily get extra work when they are short on cash.

Check Out Bidding Sites

Bidding sites contain a wide variety of clients. Although some of the clients pay almost nothing for their work, there are some high-paying projects out there. To find these projects, writers must carefully screen each client. They should look at the client's job history, reviews and the amount of money that they have spent. If the client has never hired someone on the site, the writer should be careful. At the very least, the writer should get the project funded in escrow before they begin writing.

Be Wary of Scams

There are several scams online that can cost the writer time or money. As a rule, the writer should never have to pay to work. If they must pay a registration fee or a sign-up payment, they should find a different job. A reputable, honest client will never make an employee pay to work.

In addition to monetary scams, writers should be wary of time-consuming clients. Some clients will ask each writer to submit a specific, unique sample. If enough writers submit a free sample, the client does not have to pay for the project. Whenever a client asks for a unique sample, the writer should make them pay for it. When the client is unwilling to pay, the writer should only submit old samples from past projects.

Get Out There and Explore!

Writers do not have to wait for a client to find them. Instead, the writer can submit proposals directly to the website that they want to work at. In general, writers should look for websites that are within their niche. They should also try to find websites that actually hire freelance writers.