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How To Get Paid For Freelance Writing Online: Effective Tips

Recent economic downturns in the early 2000's have led to many to look to freelance work instead of salaried employment. There are several benefits:

  1. You set your own hours.
  2. No incompetent supervisors.
  3. You set your own wages.

More people have moved to freelance writing online because it has all the benefits above and you can work anywhere you have wi-fi. Here are some tips that will help you get paid.

  1. Experience:

  2. It's cheaper for a business to hire a freelance writer on an ad hoc basis then hire and retain an in-house writer. Remember: Clients are hiring you for your skills so you must stay sharp. Consider doing the following:

    • Studying the copywriting of successful writers.
    • Take online courses to learn new skills and refresh old ones.
    • Reading books on copywriting.
    • If you have a niche, read industry publications to keep abreast of important trends.

  3. Leverage Freelance Websites to Find Work Easily:

  4. Gone are the days when you'd need to e-mail site owners to look for work. Here some of the hottest sites to start your career on:

    • Elance: With so many jobs you can get a steady income stream just using this site. You'll find clients from across the world so there's no problem finding a profitable niche. The only con is with so many writers the bidding gets competitive.

    • People Per Hour: Just like Elance, you search for jobs and place bids but rates are a bit higher and the competition is less stiff.

    • Writerinbox: Not a website per se. You pay a set monthly fee and the service sends jobs that may match your strengths to your e-mail.

  5. Content Marketing:

  6. Create a blog and start cranking out informational articles on marketing and copywriting (the stuff you learned in Number 1). Be sure you embed enough keywords that a search for "copywriter [Your City]" has your name on the first page. That's how you make clients come to you.

    Now think of a free e-book or product that you can give to your blog visitors in exchange for their e-mails. Now you've got an e-mail list. Periodically send out a newsletter so your list remembers you and will think of you when they need writing.

    Three Simple Tips....

    The starving freelance writer is a myth. Just follow these three simple tips and you escape the 9 to 5 rat race forever!