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Places To Avoid When Looking For Online Jobs For Writers And Editors

Finding great paying online jobs is a goal many freelance writers and editors undertake each day. While there are many great places to turn to there are even more places one should avoid completely. It’s not always easy to identify the bad online job opportunities, so we’ve come up with a few places to avoid to keep from wasting your time and getting ripped off. Here is a list to of places from which to stay away:

Avoid paper mills and similar content recycling companies

These are online sites that specialize in providing content (academic, business, technical) to clients around the world. Unfortunately, it does so usually at the expense of its clients who don’t get original work and often run the risk of being accused of copyright infringement or plagiarism. No writer or editor worth should sacrifice their integrity in order to make a few dollars.

Avoid foreign based sites that hire non-Native English speakers

Some websites claim to want to hire the best writers and editors in the world to produce high-quality papers in a number of disciplines. While there are several sites that do put a lot of effort in hiring only the best writers, some places are happy in hiring people that aren’t native English speakers. Do you really want to be part of team that is known for consistently providing poor quality work filled with errors?

Avoid companies that ask for bulk discount on content jobs

You want to make as much money as possible when you enter a career in freelancing. Why would you offer a discount on your work in order to receive more work? The only party that benefits from this exchange is the company paying less to receive more. You’re likely still spending just as much time and energy on the composing more content, so why would charge less to do so?

Avoid any place that advertises “earn up to $$$ per week”

There are plenty of sites that falsely advertise how much money you can expect to earn a week. What they do is claim that you can earn up to a specific amount per week, but the reality of achieving those marks often requires you to work unrealistic hours and produce quantities of written work that most people cannot accomplish. Don’t be fooled by these promises. You should know what you are able to produce and should base your estimated income on this.