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How to become a top-class freelance script writer

You are a freelance script writer, but to secure more jobs, you need to be known as a top-class writer. To stand out from the crowd, you need to produce quality scripts consistently. Here are some suggestions for how you can improve your work and become a sought-after writer.

Invite constructive criticism

Although the main role of your client is to pay you fees and give you work opportunities, you can also ask for feedback when you submit work. Every employer will have different requirements, but they will also be able to give you comments that you can take into consideration when writing future assignments. If you have the chance to meet the actors and production team using your scripts, you can also ask them for a quick evaluation. Not only will you establish a firmer professional relationship, you will also have a rewarding experience listening to users speak about your work.

Practise, practise, practise!

Nothing comes without practice; even the most famous playwrights spend a long time writing and rewriting. When you don’t have an ongoing assignment, take the time out to write your own scripts. Writing is partly a habit, so don’t let yourself get rusty. Remain diligent in the exercise of transforming your thoughts into a coherent story, and in the end, you may even have some short works that you can provide to potential clients as samples.

Take writing classes

It is no surprise that many universities or art academies offer courses in writing, and some will specifically target script writing. You will surely benefit from professional advice, and you will also meet other writers in your class who can inspire and motivate you. While your aim may be to become a freelancer, there is no harm in widening your horizons and seeking the supervision of academics.

Talk to your mentors

Become acquainted with experienced script writers, and ask them for advice and an assessment of your work. Although well-established writers may not have the time to read a full script, they will be able to give you invaluable comments on your writing. If you can establish a strong relationship with them, there is a chance that you can collaborate on an assignment, and this can only be to your benefit.