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A Guide To Freelance Writing: What Is The Average Cost Per Word?

Freelance Writing guide:

Freelance writing is an excellent way to make money for students, housewives, part time job seekers and retired people as well. A lot of people are also taking it as a full time career job due to the numerous advantages it offers. You get an option to make good money at the comfort of your home, which is the best thing that attracts people. There are several other freelance jobs available online as well, but they are specialized and require a lot of professional skills. The other options that people see online are data entry jobs. They are easy to do, but time consuming and also don’t get you good money. The writing jobs are the best in every sense. The people who are new in this domain have a lot of questions in mind. They find it hard to find their first job just because they have a raw profile. They have to develop it by entering all relevant details. The portfolio must be stuffed with some useful samples which the clients will consider to give you a job.

What is the average rate per word for freelance writing jobs?

A lot of potential writers have concern about the rates that are offered for writing jobs online. Well, the rates differ and vary from client to client. It depends entirely on the budget of the client and also the nature of the work. However, the experienced writer does have an idea about the average rates that are offered. The average per rate word that is offered to the writers these days is about $0.003. The normally writing tasks span for about 500 words. So, at this rate it will make it $1.50 for the 500 word task. The following are some of the factors which influence the per word rate:

  • - The experience of the writer may help himself in getting a better rate.
  • - The budget of the client can also increase or decrease the average rate.
  • - The general or the average rate that is trending may influence the client to offer a similar rate.
  • - The difficulty associated with the task may increase the average rate.
  • - The location of the client can also be a big factor in different rates. The clients from the US and West are known to pay more than the clients from other locations.